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tray ceiling paint colors?

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hi. we want to paint our MBR walls and ceiling. walls will be a light yellow or tan. maybe a silly question, but how do I handle the ceiling and recessed tray?

is the ceiling and tray all one color? if not, is the tray usually lighter or darker than the rest of the ceiling? and are they both lighter or darker than the walls themselves? or does the tray pick up the wall color or something?

hopefully that makes sense. I am sure preference comes into play but what is more common (thinking resale)?


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Thb, there are so many ways you can go with that. From BJ's advice of one solid tray to using white on the lower ceiling and angles and putting the wall color, or a variation of it, on the horizontal top of the tray, etc. I worked on a job where, instead of angled walls, it was a large rectangle tray with 4 or 5 steps that went about a foot and a half into the ceiling, with the center top ceiling being about one half the size of the larger opening, it that makes sense. There were multiple colors, which sounds tacky, but looked very sharp.

Much of it depends on your taste and your decorating style. But, there are really no rules. Yellow could pair with other shades of yellow/gold, it could pair with light greens or blues, or if you're funky, it could pair with violets or reddish tones.

I would go to a paint store, with a good picture of the ceiling, pick your wall color and then explore some different options. They'll usually have a table where you can sit and spread out. I think SW has some good color tools that can help you understand how colors work together. You might also post this in the decorating forum. If you're worried about resale, go lightly with the yellow, or stick with the tan. Yellows, pinks, and greens are always more powerful on the wall than on a chip.
BJ's option sounding better now? :laughing:
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