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Trapping a floor drain

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Floor drains are a small PITA, as the trap can dry and let sewer gasses into the house. OK, a quart of water every year or two will fix that. However, is there a code-compliant and intelligent way to trap a floor drain in a more permanent manner? Why not trap the floor drain as is normally done, and then install another trap right below where the trap ties into the building drain? In my case, the floor drains are only a few feet away from the building drain. The worst that could happen this way is that the floor drain trap dries up and you get any odors from the pipes between the floor drain and the next trap up the line. Is this a practical solution? Thanks.
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Years ago I had a house with a floor drain that never saw any use. It would dry out and smell. An old timer told me to pour a cup of vegetable oil into the drain. It stays on top of the water and prevents it from drying out.
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