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Okay, so I know there is another thread about Allure TM VP, but it has over 600 replies so I am starting a new post here just about how to handle transitions between rooms.

At first I thought we could lay the ATMVP continuously through 3 bedrooms, an L-shaped hallway into a living space. But changed my mind about after reading here about the floors needing to remain "floating" and realizing the difficulty of the keeping the planks equal through a doorway into a hall...etc.

I have the metal type of transition strip that can be used from same height to same height--drill into cement subfloor--make sure not to go through planks. But, somebody mentioned using an actual plank as a transition...please explain how to do that.

thank you
Those metal transitions look hideous (I think so anyway) Call Halstead customer service, they should be able to help you.
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