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transitioning from 12in. block to 8in. block

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I am building a garage on sloped ground. I wanted to use 12 inch block on the back and half way down the sides, then transition to 8 inch block for the rest. There would be 3 courses of 12 on the back side. I would finish it all off in 8 inch ( 15 courses total). The trouble is when I transition to 8 inch on top of the 12 inch, I can't figure out the corners without ending up at some point with a 4 inch block. 12 inch ends with a 8 inch L type block. I was trying to save on brick, but now I'm wondering if it was worth it.
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This is a lot simpler than returning block and laying a bunck of additional 4". It looks like you already have 12" offset corners, so it's easy. You'll either need to saw or chisel 4" off the second course, or 4" off of the first course, and alternate the corner (flip it). It really depends on what you have room for on the footings now.

Also, I wouldn't grout every 12 block full, probably more like every 48", and extend the rebar all the way to the top of the wall. I would use 12" solid tops/caps on the rest of the wall vs. filling them with concrete.
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