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transitioning from 12in. block to 8in. block

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I am building a garage on sloped ground. I wanted to use 12 inch block on the back and half way down the sides, then transition to 8 inch block for the rest. There would be 3 courses of 12 on the back side. I would finish it all off in 8 inch ( 15 courses total). The trouble is when I transition to 8 inch on top of the 12 inch, I can't figure out the corners without ending up at some point with a 4 inch block. 12 inch ends with a 8 inch L type block. I was trying to save on brick, but now I'm wondering if it was worth it.
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How sloped is it?
No vertical rebar in the footings?
Did you do a stepped footing?
Outside corners are done first then there's almost always an odd ball block width block needing to be cut so you get a running bond.
Got some pictures?
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