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Hey guys looking for some help here...

Having flooring done in a week and hired the flooring guy to wall in an under stair storage area(added 1 wall and door for access, boarded up back side of stairs) before started the flooring install.

The wall he built has 2 high spots at the transition from wall to existing stair support. I had asked for it to be a smooth transition to make it one seamless wall, but this is how it ended up... When asked how we can make it better, his answer was to tear off the sheet rock and redo the framing of the wall to bring it in closer.... The largest highspot near the lower portion of the transition is 3/16-1/4" approx, the upper one is probably 1/8"

Any advice on this? Would it be possible to sand these 2 high areas DOWN to the level of the wood on the stair, then mud over and blend? I understand that will remove the paper and be into the powder of the drywall


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I'm not sure if it was the framing that made it stick out past the wood stringer, but I doubt he has 1/4" of mud on there to sand down. If he did that's even worse. If you sand, plane, or cut the drywall face then you probably would create a bulge down lower anyway, and that would look bad too, right?

The better way is to tuck the drywall up behind the stringer, and if you are worried about storage space, the studs can be turned on the flat (sideways so the wall is only 1 1/2" + 1/2" thick). Mating the drywall flush with the wood does not make for a good transition detail.
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