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Transition between different levels

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We are installing new laminate flooring in our home. Our first floor has one room that is a lower level than the rest, and we will have to transition to this room in two different spots.

Where I am stumped is that there is drywall at the edge. It seems like this would degrade at the transition if I installed the bullnose type transition directly on top of it, and in fact some of it is already worn down.

Any suggestions as to how to transition this better? Or should I just repair the drywall so it is flush? The previous owners had a strip of unfinished wood tacked down on top of the drywall where the transition ended. I know I dont want that, because it looked pretty tacky.


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Ged rid of the drywall.
The transition you want to it to raise the floor up to the height of that door trim?
We will have the same type of flooring on both the lower and higher level when we finish..
Perhaps I misunderstood. Are you wanting to raise the level of the lower floor or just find a way do make a transition between the two? If you are keeping the "step" you could wrap a piece of the flooring on it.
I thought you wanted to raise the lower floor.
Put the flooring on the face of the "step"
But were you planning on baseboard across the bottom?
Perhaps a landing of sorts would give you the desired look...a "stoop" of sorts.
Then you could wrap the baseboard around it and it would be a platform instead of a step. Did I explain that adequately?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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