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Hello all
Australia here

I have 2 x 2.2 Yamaha generators that are connected in parallel
I’m curious to learn what would be a ballpark figure to have a electrician supply and install a transfer box with circuits only for a/c and fridge (maybe lights)
Keeping in mind the house also has a solar power setup installed on it

Transfer box in the event of a blackout (of course)
Not a quote
If it’s affordable, I’ll move forward
If it’s crazy expensive
Then screw it :vs_laugh:

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Welcome to the forums. 2.2 what? Running generators in tandem are problematic at best. It would be best to run one generator with the capacity you need and install a Generac transfer switch to your panel. Not difficult to do, and if you aren't skiddish of working inside a panel, it is DIY friendly.

How much does your solar array provide, and how big is your battery bank? What size is your inverter?
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