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Can someone tell me where to find Trane XL13i air conditioner specs and wiring diagram? I have to replace a capacitor and wires damaged by mice.

Why don't I call a professional?

Spring 2008: Air conditioner wouldn't start. Service guy performing routine maintenance replaced wires damaged by mice ... didn't tell me this was the problem. Charged me about $50 for parts not covered by warranty or service contract. Mice are apparently an act of God.

Spring 2009: Service guy performing spring inspection SUPPOSEDLY found nothing wrong. A week later, air conditioner tripped circuit breaker and adjacent breakers. I repaired extensive wiring damaged by mice to save $$. Missed one wire! Service guy found it and charged me $150 for splicing a single wire! He had no suggestions regarding how to prevent further damage. I did everything I could think of to exclude mice from unit.

Spring 2010: Not interested in paying for a spring inspection (see spring 2009). But I noticed fan on unit was stopping before compressor stops, and compressor was stopping when it overheated. The mice were at it again! This time the corrosion on one of the capacitors -- mouse urine is apparently acidic -- is so bad that the attached wires were falling off. I cleaned it up and managed to secure the wires, wrapped tape around some other gnawed wires.

Summer 2010: I'd like to replace the damaged capacitor and wiring. It looks very straight forward, but I'd like to have specs and a diagram to follow. The one that used to be in the unit -- I think -- was also damaged by mice and no longer readable. I cannot afford an annual $150 fee for someone else to simply splice/tape wires. And I'll be tapping all of my creativity to finally exclude mice from the unit.

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