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hello ... I have an Trane XE60 ... Can't get it to heat ... The pilot light stays lit ... I switch the thermostat to heat ... the burners ignite BUT when I think it is going to turn on the blower, the large flames goes out ... The pilot light stays lit but the burners go out ... If I switch the thermostat fan from Auto to On then the burners re-ignite ... But as soon as I turn the fan back to auto the burners go out ... I replaced the original thermostat when the unit first failed because the display would go dark when the issue occurred ... the original thermostat did not use batteries ... I installed a different thermostat, 4 wire hook-up ... R W G Y ... The thermostat had a jumper for fot RH and RC ... I did not remove it ... I did not try the switching the fan to On until after the thermostat switch ... Any advice would be great ... I do not see a flame sensor so I am currently stuck ...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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