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Train shakes the house...should I worry?

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Hi all, just looking for your thoughts here, I just moved in to a house that is about 4 or 5 blocks from the train tracks. When a train goes by you can feel the vibrations in the house, sometimes it alot worse than others. I was laying in bed the first night and really noticed it,felt like the house was going to fall over. My wife woke up and asked me if the house was going to crumble, I very assuredly told her, "this house has been standing since 1978, if it hasn't fallen by now, it's not going to."

But doesn't all that shaking and vibrations have to take it's toll at some point? I mean doesn't it seem logical that the nails will pull them selves out eventually? Anyway just looking for your thoughts on this and if there is anything I should look for. Thanks in advance.
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I worked in a house that was 40' away from two LIRR tracks for 6 months. When the two express trains would pass simultaneously at rush hour the water would dance in the pool.
The house was built in 1927 and is still standing.
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