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Trailer Wheel Bearings and Spin Speed

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I bought a 2nd hand camper trailer recently (simply box-trailer style). Been painting and fixing a couple of things and decided to replace the bearings (trailer is 16 years old and suspect they are original bearings). Replaced races and bearings with Timken bearings on both sides. One wheel spins for longer than the other when jacked up. Probably about 45 seconds longer. Haven't taken for a test tow yet but everything else seems ok. Nuts not tight, no noises, virtually no play in wheels. Should i be worried? Or is this something that will even out with a bit of a run?

Thanks for your help

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Thanks so much everyone.

Preload i tightened with a spanner (but not rock hard) and then backed off to finger tight. Then spun the hub a few times. I did this probably 5 times. It's possible i didn't preload it quite as much with the faster wheel.

Interesting that the faster wheel being too fast might be the problem. It spins for maybe 1.5 mins (but i haven't timed it). Nuts were not overly tight. I put them at finger tight (not my full force though) then backed off to the first notch.

Maybe one of the seals is causing more drag on the bearing? Both were Timken sets but one was quite an old set (still in packet but old). They could have had slightly differently designed seals?

Great to know what to look for on the test tow.

Thanks for all your help!

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