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Trailer Wheel Bearings and Spin Speed

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I bought a 2nd hand camper trailer recently (simply box-trailer style). Been painting and fixing a couple of things and decided to replace the bearings (trailer is 16 years old and suspect they are original bearings). Replaced races and bearings with Timken bearings on both sides. One wheel spins for longer than the other when jacked up. Probably about 45 seconds longer. Haven't taken for a test tow yet but everything else seems ok. Nuts not tight, no noises, virtually no play in wheels. Should i be worried? Or is this something that will even out with a bit of a run?

Thanks for your help

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How did you set the pre-load on the bearings ? And do you think you were consistent on both sides ? I think spinning the tires while in the air is a " rough " way to check but probably not that accurate . I would get them as snug as you feel comfortable with and then check the temp of the axle/bearing area with a temp gun after a drive on the highway . Drive 20 miles ( as an example ) on the highway then pull over . Hit each side with the temp gun and see what the results are . If you don't have a temp gun then touch the bearing area with your hands/fingers and feel if one is much warmer than the other .
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