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track lighting turns on and no longer has dimmer control

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the track lighting that has been up there for at least 3 years now still turns on and off but lost its dimmer control functionality. The switch is a simple lever switch, not a touch switch. Could it of been a spike that may have got it, or transformer for the track light. ??
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Is this a lever switch that depending on the position of the lever switch determines the intensity of the lights?

If so, sounds like you need to replace the dimmer switch.
Not sure what cause it to fail, but it did. Just get a new one.
yes it was the dimmer switch... thanks
Fried Rheostat!!!!

Buy a Heavier Duty one and provide Ventilation!
You mentioned a transformer in the track light. It may be that the dimmer is not the correct kind. If you have electronic transformers in each track head ( like the MR-16 kinds so popular today), then you will need an electronic low voltage dimmer. If it is a large transformer that powers a low voltage bus type track, then you will need a magnetic low-voltage dimmer.

The wrong kind will work for a time, but will eventually fail.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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