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I have a 1940's home that has had vinyl siding on it for the last 30 years. I bought the place 5 years ago and finally pulled the siding off and the wood is good shape except a 3-4 areas of rot that hopefully can be repaired. Much of the original paint is peeling off and has exposed wood. I live in Houston which has extreme heat so the wood is very hard now.

I have several questions.
1. My contractor wants to use ICI paint. SW Duration is on sale for $35/gal. The ICI is like $20/gal. Should I insist that he upgrade?

2. My contractor said he didn't want to use the high end paint because it goes on too thick and may peel. He is recommending the next line down. Sounds odd ...unless he's cutting corners.

3. How would you prime? SW says it's not necessary. Contractor definitely wants to prime. But how? What's the best route for old wood. My neighbor, who talks too much, keeps saying it'll need to be repainted in 2 years regardless of what I do.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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