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Touching up refinished dresser

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I bought a dresser from someone who refinishes furniture on the side. They use and highly recommend General Finishes paint. Unfortunately, on two of the sides, it looks like they either missed a coat, or just were sloppy - it looks like they missed some spots. They sanded, primed and then used the antique white milk paint they make. They said the company doesn't recommend a top coat for dressers, so what they did was mix half and half the milk paint and the high performance polyurethane water based topcoat they make for the last coat on the sides.

The questions I have is:

If I want to put another coat of just the antique white milk paint on those not fully done sides, do I need to sand to bare wood, or can I just lightly sand and use the milk paint only?

Thanks for any help. This is a gift for my daughter, and I want it to look its best.

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If I understand correctly, to make it match the rest you need to mix the paint with poly [same as they did] It should be ok to recoat after sanding, no need to sand all the way down - just enough to promote good adhesion.
I might just sand lightly all sides and repaint one coat of milk paint so it matches. Just didn't know if I had to sand to wood because of 1/2 poly
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The poly needs to be sanded down enough to allow the paint to adhere, you do not need to sand down to bare wood.
120-150 grit, just make sure you sand with the direction of the grain
120-150 grit, just make sure you sand with the direction of the grain

since it is painted, I can just assume the direction is up and down - the longest way?

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Most likely, even painted you should be able to determine which direction the grain goes. Any sanding scratches that get left behind are less likely to show if they are with the direction of the grain.
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I would recommend not to sand the stained surface before applying the first coat of clear. Unsightly lightened areas might result if you apply sanding.
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