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Touch up painting

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Got a '99 Escort and the paint is coming off the area around the top of both rear wheel wells. I just want to stop it from getting worse so I got some automotive primer and the matching color.

But how do I prep the area, since it is getting rusty? Do I need to remover the rust? I was thinking of cleaning with lacquer thinner before priming.


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Lacquer thinner will not remove rust. If you leave one molecule of rust, you really are going to waste your time. It will reappear after only a few months. That is fine if you want to sell it soon to some unsuspecting buyer, however if you plan to keep it, and want it to continue to look good, the rust really needs to be cut out, and replaced with good metal. Some shops used to use an acid to clean up pitting rust spots, however I am not sure if it is still a practice, or even if it was a good solution. Rust is like cancer, if you don't get it all, it comes back with a vengeance.
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