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Touch n Go Model 100 issue

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Needing some advice on trouble shooting an old touch n go model 100 Garage door opener.
Symptom - When pressing the button to open / close the G Door. The relay engages like it should. However, there is no movement to the motor.

Items checked -
Micros Switches - the unit has 6 micros switches in it. 2 up limit switches, 2 down limit switches, 1 switch attached to the relay for the Gdoor direction, and one at the top of the case in the Gdoor. (not sure what that one does). All of the switches have been tested an passed for continuity / No Continuity when the switch is engaged / disengaged.
Capacitor - Capacitor is good. I have a double garage with identical Touch n Go GDoor openers and I tested the capacitor in the working unit. Passed.
Motor - Bench tested the motor, with the start / run capacitor. Motor started and ran correctly. Passed
24 v transformer - bench tested the transformer and verified it was stepping the power down to 24v correctly. Passed.

Essentially, when the gdoor is activated, power is not making it to the capacitor to the motor. Looking for any advice on what Im missing.

I do have a wire diagram and am tracing.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts