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i need a mini skid steer to pull some dirt and level an area in a tight spot behind and on the side of a shed. I am going to rent one. Does a mini skid steer have the power to grade and dig down a few inches at a time to remove grass and piled dirt that was left behind after trenching was done. I know they dont have the power as a regular skid, but I am short on space. thx, Pete
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Yes. Depending on the soil, should be easy enough. They cut a small path so they usually have plenty of "OOOMPH" for that swath that they cut.
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As Windows said, they work pretty good and because they have a small cutting area they have a good bit of power. Obviously you can't move a mountain with one but for small-scale work it should be just fine. I've used when a couple of times and it did a decent job.
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thank you for the replies. One of the rentals I saw was a "package". It had 2 augers and the bucket. I read that the bucket was really supposed to be used for "light" material handling such as top soil and bark. I saw they offer a dozer blade more for cutting and leveling. I would hate to ruin the bucket and be on the hook for the price of a new one. any thoughts? thx, Pete
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