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Hello, I'm planning on installing a skylight on my house, which has a torchdown roof. The skylight install part i'm good on, but does anyone have any advice on what to do once it's in? Do I just need to seal the edges (where the flashing meets or goes under the existing roof with roofing cement? (i'm guessing that it can't be that easy) Or do I need to apply new torchdown material over the flashing? If it's the latter I'm guessing I'll have to hire it out (not interested in learning how to torchdown a roof [or possibly torching my roof] for this relatively tiny repair (or is it worth it?)...


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Slope of the roof?
Size of the skylight?
Type of Mod Bit? (SBS or APP) Granular surfaced or smooth? Coated?
Is the skylight curb welded water tight?

On a low slope roof the curb must be at least 8 inches high. You cannot use a low profile skylight on a low slope roof.
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