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Tool packaging information

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I bought an Irwin 'Strait-Line' chalk line tool today. As I was getting ready to use it, I noticed that there's no chalk in it. I looked on the packaging and it doesn't say the chalk comes separate. That means another trip to the store and time wasted.

I can understand now why it's empty... there are different colors of chalk. But I wish they had mentioned it on the package somewhere.

I even asked an employee if there was string and chalk in it. He said, "yes, I think so". My fault - I should have known better than to listen to one of their young employees. :(
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Now you have to decide which COLOR to choose!
Will it never end????? :laughing:

I hope they have a pretty shade of pink. :laughing:

It's white facia, so I think blue will do the trick.
I always carry both a blue and a red one. In my opinion anyway, blue generally works better on wood, felt, and aluminum, whereas red seems to work better on concrete and masonry. Plus I can always switch colors for those times when I say "oops, that doesn't look right"! Red also seems to be more messy, for some reason. I generally try to keep them in a baggie of some sort when I know that I won't be using them, just to help keep chalk of everything else, including myself.
I have 5 chalk lines..... all 5 are blue. Until I really NEED one that is, then I have none.

read the chalk bottles before you buy. some are more permanent then others.
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