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I recently ran down what operates one circuit in a 4 gang 4 switch box. 14/2 15

SWITCH 1 operates a pair of 2 bulb flood lights.
SWITCH 2 a 3 way switch, operates a pair of ceiling fans with two bulb light. 4 banks of 8 foot t8 florescent fixtures (I assumed the original owner hung these as temporary but they are hard wired)
SWITCH 3 a pair of 3 candelabra bulbs front outside lights.
SWITCH 4 laundry room 2 bulb ceiling light.

a pair of outlets that operate a pair of garage door openers with single bulb lights that stay on for just a few seconds after operation of garage door and a single bulb outside light operated by its own switch. Come to find out that the once thought designated freezer circuit shuts off when breaker is shut off. I have a surge strip plugged into open port of garage door opener receptacle . Breaker only trips when I use chop saw and an air compressor at same time. Probably a stupid question at this point but are there concerns? Running a second feed seems difficult. house has been this way since 2006. Possibly since 1997 when it was built. Thanks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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