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Toliet Waste Line issue

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My master bathroom was remodeled but the waster line (4") for the toliet has a slope that flows back towards the toliet. I cannot reslope it for the correct slope per foot ratio since the tee is in the wall and cant be moved without tearing up the downstairs bath room. The run for the waste line is short to the stack (less than 24") I know I can't run an S-trap to fix the slope issue since having the trap is against code and could cause blockage issues. I am stuck on how to fix this problem.
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Either fix the pitch or remove the toilet====I also wonder wnat you are talking about a trap ???? toilet drains do not have traps===Please clarify--

3" is fine for a toilet drain---could you get the pitch you need by removing the 4" drain and converting to 3"??

Inside cutting tools are available to remove the pipe from the T-without damage---
Tearing up the wall in the downstairs bathroom sounds like your only option from your description. How much is the slope out? Can you post a picture?
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