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Toilet relocation- drill joists or plumbers box?

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Hi all- attached you can see My pictures. I am attempting to move the toilet in this bathroom over 2 joists. My question is whether to drill the joists or create a plumbers box. I have had 2 people come in to take a look and each one had a different way of accomplishing the goal. The joists are 2x10 so the hole needed to run the pipes exceeds the 1/3rd rule. This didn’t seem to bother the one plumber.

Also I wanted to know if I could leave the vent where it is rather than running that over as well. Not sure if this will prevent it from functioning normally

Let me know what you guys think

Thanks for your time-


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Is that pipe wyed off the toilet really a vent? Where's the stack?
Is that wyed pipe to the toilet really a vent? Where's the stack?
It would usually be dropped below the joists. I am not sure about distance to vent.
Is that wyed pipe to the toilet really a vent? Where's the stack?
Hi - So 2 plumbers had come to give estimates and they both said this is the vent. its hard to confirm but by process of elimination I have. If you look in the picture i originally attached the stack is located 15 feet back from the back wall there. I can send another picture if needed.
So dropping below the joists would work except in the future the basement will have real ceilings as opposed to drop tile. So I wanted to avoid this to make the job easier in the future
A lot of plumbers don't care much about framing. I have seen some stuff that was ridiculous. A good plumber will work with you to find a good solution. Might be able to sneak it close to a basement wall, or keep it tight to the joists and build a soffit.
It may be too late for your project, but you can use joist reinforcers to run up to 6” hole through 2x10 joists. That would allow you to move the pipe over two joists.

They are listed for code compliance, I used them in a similar project and passed inspection.

There may be other products which do the same.

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Most plumbers are not framers, and will hack things up to put a pipe where they want. Those joist reinforcers, as long as they pass code, should be the ticket.
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