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toilet floor flange

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Hi Everyone long time since my last post anyway Question: I'm redoing my bathroom floor indoing so I removed my camode, I put some luwan sub floor down. I have it right at the floor flange and I just can't remember if I need a spacer on my flange to make it level with the floor or if I can leave it like it is or will it leak? Thanks in advance guys I really appreciate your help!!
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ideally, the underside of the flange ring should rest on top of the floor, and the ring screws down into the floor. But it is fine to have the flange be slightly below the finished floor surface so long as you get a thick wax ring so that there will be a solid connection of wax between the underside of the toilet and the flange to prevent leaks. When you do buy a wax ring, make sure you spend the extra couple of bucks and get the thicker kind with the plastic horn/funnel that helps direct water down into the flange opening. Don't just get the cheap small wax only ring.
just curious and not to go off topic but is there anything wrong with using the rubber gasket ? I hear you mention wax but not the rubber one .Thanks
I've personally never used one, but I understand that those newer type rubber toilet seals work just fine. Only problem with them is that codes have not approved them yet in many places, so technically only wax ring types are approved.
camode drain flange

Thanks for the help and your thoughts completed the bath room everything works great I used the wax ring.I was told they don't use the spacer any more they use 2 wax rings instead.Thanks again guys !!
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