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Toe Kick/Kick Strip Lighting for Under Kitchen Cabinets

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Evening all... I'm about to start a remodel project and wanted to put toe kick/kick strip LED RGB strip lighting under the cabinets. I ultimately want to connect this to a controller that supports Z-Wave, but wondering more now on the type of LEDs and also how to wire and where to hide the controller. Also best way to wire it up one the run where there is a break for our stove. I see that they sell very expensive LED strip lights and then very reasonably priced. After chatting with many people, it was recommended that I don't need to spend $100's on the lights. Thoughts???
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Have to agree with with who every your talking to.
I can see no need for toe kick lights.
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Did a pretty expensive kitchen a few years ago and the customer wanted rope lighting put into the toe kicks. It wasn't very difficult to do. If I remember right I ran two separate pieces plugged into two outlets controlled by the same switch. Outlets were placed out of sight. Nice mood lighting in the evening. Only time I ever lit toe kicks. Nothing wrong with it if that's what you want.
Mike Hawkins:smile:
Thanks.. yea our kitchen is going to be open to living dining area so at night it would be nice to have it lit for ambiance.
I've never thought of that but it sounds pretty cool. PIA to work on but technically okay location is behind a lazy Susan or whatever is going on in a corner cabinet
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