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Hi all,

My old deck is covered with some peeling paint. I tried to use some stain stripper and a power wash but it didn't really work...I beleive what's there is some BEHR exterior paint, because I see some old gallons left in the garage by the previous owner. And I read somewhere on this forum that it is a paint to get it off...I need some advices please..

Should I just sand it down with some 60 grit sanding discs using my orbital or I should go get myself some paint stripper and start the dirty work of stripping the paint first?

I plan on staining it afterwords...


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Not sure how to answer your question without knowing what is on the deck. It could take a lot of stripper to strip a deck. If the screw heads or nails are nicely surfaced you might think about renting an orbital, not drum type, floor sander and spending a bit on paper. I guess start with 60 grit but if you have a lot of paint it will clog up quickly.
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