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To pressure wash or not to pressure wash a previously stained cedar fence?

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My fence is in not bad condition meaning few grey area except where the sprinklers hit the fence, and I have heard and read that the type of pressure washer that you rent have too much PSI and can actually damage the fence? If this is the case is their a fence cleaner that some of you have used and could recommend? Also here in Texas like much of the south our temperatures are in the 90's so am wondering if I should wait until cooler weather to clean and stain the fence? I have decided to use the Armstrong-Clark stain brand. If this question has been answered somewhere else just let me know. Any help would be appreciated.:thumbup:
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there are many different PSI washers available and there are different tips you can use. just dont use a 0 tip and dont get too close to the fence with the wand.

the hotter is is the faster you have to work. try to work in the shade when staining and keep a wet edge. if the material dries and you overlap you will get what we call a "flash mark" - meaning that the material will be shiny in the overlapped area. when you can see Flashing in exterior stain you know that someone that doesn't know how to paint did that job.
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