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Whaddya think???? Paint the wood or not.... I really want to update our home.... but once I paint the's forever.... would love any feedback? If your vote is to paint....would love input as to what color...


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I had similar brown wood panel in my family room. My contract sanded the panel,primed it and painted it with a lighter color. I used Kelly-Moore cloud of cream 1040-121 color, satin enamel paint. It turned out to be very good.

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Geez.... you guys are hard core.... "rip it down...." you just quadrupled the amount of work for me....ok, for my hubby.... you really think painting won't do the job?
I painted the paneling in my mom's basement - a white shade
I think it looked fine, big improvement & made it much brighter
I never ended up replacing it
Another Apt (very cheap rent) we installed paneling rather then paint
I actually like some paneling, too much can be overpowering

If it's an exterior wall then I hope they sealed the sheetrock 1st
My last house they put up pieces of sheetrock in the kitchen (and main room)
So it was always cold out there

One reason some people will always say to tear off
So you can check to see if there are any problems
Myself I hate to waste materials

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Somehow drywall ends up seeming like a BIG HUGE project. Don't be intimidated - tear it out, drywall, and you will be REALLY happy with the result.
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