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Titan Post Anchor

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I need to add 4x4 posts on top of my deck which has composite decking. I am thinking of using the Titan Anchor kit to flush mount the 4x4 to the top of the deck. However, I was wondering if anyone has tried these and used a post sleeve and skirt as well. Just wondering if the skirt would fit over this. They do sell a skirt for this anchor but would rather use the one that came with the railing kit.

Here it is:
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This is an extension to a current deck. This was build with 4x6 posts which were cut down. So I need to add some 4x4 posts for the rails. However, I can not put these on the inside because the 4x6's are there. The deck is about 30" off the ground. I know I would need to add some support under these brackets for them to be bolted into, such as some 2x10's. I will look into if these meet code where I live. The other thing I could do is add the posts to the outside of the frame.
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