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Tire Dry Rot or Not

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One of our vehicles has Michelin Defender tires with close to 50K miles on them. The tires are 6 years and 3 months old. Tread is 5 - 6 32nds. Since the car will be around longer than the useful life of the current tires I figured I would just replace them now. I'm also curious if any of the photos show dry rot. Dry rot photos online typically show tires with far worse but figured I would share here for some feedback.



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Dry rot photos online typically show tires with far worse
I took Driver's Ed classes in Madrid, Spain in 2014. All signs, rules, and more are different in Europe (vs. USA). One of the rules is you MUST replace your tires every 5 years, and have the invoice to prove it. No guesswork required.
There is no mention online of Spain's 5 year tire (tyre) limit. There is mention of an 800 euro fine re: inspection violations. But, I did see the tire life question on the practice exam. Here's a link to such a test (scroll to the bottom of the webpage):
DGT Test in English Free | Spanish Driving Test in English | Official
Here's a link referencing the fine (per tyre?):
Up to €800 fine in Spain if you do not have these car parts in order
Oh, and now they are requiring that every vehicle carry a V16 beacon:
Carrying V16 Emergency Light Is Mandatory in Spain ?

BTW, Spanish police make Texas Rangers appear polite!
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