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Tire Dry Rot or Not

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One of our vehicles has Michelin Defender tires with close to 50K miles on them. The tires are 6 years and 3 months old. Tread is 5 - 6 32nds. Since the car will be around longer than the useful life of the current tires I figured I would just replace them now. I'm also curious if any of the photos show dry rot. Dry rot photos online typically show tires with far worse but figured I would share here for some feedback.



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I took Driver's Ed classes in Madrid, Spain in 2014. All signs, rules, and more are different in Europe (vs. USA). One of the rules is you MUST replace your tires every 5 years, and have the invoice to prove it. No guesswork required.
Was that perhaps for something other than passenger vehicles? It didn’t seem logical, so I did quite a bit of searching on this subject and couldn’t find a single mention of a maximum tire age. I checked Spain and Germany, both of which have mandatory vehicle inspections every two years for passenger vehicles over 4 and 3 years old, respectively. Here’s an English language guide to the German TÜV inspection, which many of the vehicles around where I live would fail.

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