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Tire Dry Rot or Not

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One of our vehicles has Michelin Defender tires with close to 50K miles on them. The tires are 6 years and 3 months old. Tread is 5 - 6 32nds. Since the car will be around longer than the useful life of the current tires I figured I would just replace them now. I'm also curious if any of the photos show dry rot. Dry rot photos online typically show tires with far worse but figured I would share here for some feedback.



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I swap winter / Summer tires in season and inspect mine at that time.
The off-season set are stored indoors, and on rims.

It's a simple precaution taken seriously.

I do the same thing with my wife’s vehicle. My son moved to BC back in 2020. He drove back for a visit in 2021 and he needed tires. He barely drives it so we just put on a set of winter tires which is a requirement in certain parts of BC.

Retired guy from Southern Manitoba, Canada.
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