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Tire Dry Rot or Not

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One of our vehicles has Michelin Defender tires with close to 50K miles on them. The tires are 6 years and 3 months old. Tread is 5 - 6 32nds. Since the car will be around longer than the useful life of the current tires I figured I would just replace them now. I'm also curious if any of the photos show dry rot. Dry rot photos online typically show tires with far worse but figured I would share here for some feedback.



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Neal: I would say that the tires you have pictured, with all those cracks in the surface rubber, need to be replaced regardless of age or mileage or tread.

When water gets into the steel belts the latter will rust. Not long after the steel will rust through and the tire is now liable to have a blowout.
I am not sure what dry rot is but I posted those pictures just to show what old tires look like and the kind of stuff you would look for when examining tires.
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