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Tire Dry Rot or Not

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One of our vehicles has Michelin Defender tires with close to 50K miles on them. The tires are 6 years and 3 months old. Tread is 5 - 6 32nds. Since the car will be around longer than the useful life of the current tires I figured I would just replace them now. I'm also curious if any of the photos show dry rot. Dry rot photos online typically show tires with far worse but figured I would share here for some feedback.



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you forgot the most important factor, UV rays

Direct sunlight deteriorates rubber, a car that is always parked in a garage, tires will last longer, than a car always parked in direct sunlight,

Tire companies don't know where people will be parking, so they just give a general estimate of 6-8 years,

If your parking in a garage all the time, your tires can, and will last longer,
Now James, that is a welcome change to the fearmongering about replacing tires at 6 years, 8 years, or even 10 years. UV rays from the sun is what really destroys rubber more that oxygen, heat, etc. I have had tires on different cars last for 12 years, another car (garage kept, low mileage) now for 14 years. No dry rot apparent, good tread, driven at up to 70 mph. Yes, anything can happen with any tire, anytime, and other driving risks including getting hit by lightning in a convertible, no guarantee, but one of the above post with the limit of 10 years is not absolutely true. Too many factors to consider (example- curb rash on new tires- so bad)
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