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I used Screen Tight on my porch rehab project. What a royal pain in the arse, but if I ever need to change out a screen in the future, it should be much easier and less work. (I had to replace one that I damaged during the build.) Here's a few tips that I learned during my install that may help you on yours. Watch the video from Home Depot first.

Screwing the base plates in, as recommended by ScreenTight, caused too many to shift. I used roofing nails and hammer. Hammered with a bolt for the last 1/4 inch so as not to damage base.

A pvc ratchet-type pipe cutter works great for cutting the 2x4 base plates and caps. A chop saw shattered one. A bit too brittle. Not sure how they will hold up in cold climates. Chop saw for the 4x4 bases and caps.

Stretch the spline a bit before installing. Tap in half way with rubber mallet while stretching slightly and holding spline over channel. Finish with spline roller.

Don't try to bend spline around the corner. Use only straight pieces.

If you butt two pieces of base plate together along one run, be sure to get them aligned perfectly or cap won't install properly.

A the corners, don't butt the base plate against the other, leave a small gap so the cap sets flush.

The 2x4 caps are a royal pain to get started. I broke a couple of base plates trying to do so. Best success was to hold tip at 30 degree angle and give it a pound with mallet, then use a clean wooden block and mallet to finish.

The 4x4 caps were a breeze.
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