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Tips for Home Organization

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It does not matter where you live. Sooner or later you will find yourself running low on storage space. People seem to naturally collect “stuff”. Some people have the natural gift of organization, but unless they live alone and near a donation center, they will one day find themselves searching for a place to store their belongings. Let’s look at some ways to get a bit more space for the area you already have.

Using self adhesive hooks on the inside of a pantry door makes a handy place to hang many things. Brushes, aprons, small pots or pans, measuring cups and many other items that always seem to be in the way.

Every office supply store sells file folder holders that can be mounted to the wall. Place one on the wall beside the desk or table where everyone’s mail, homework and papers seems to land. Inside the file holder place a colored file for each member of the family, This makes it easier to find the papers that are needed and keeps the area much cleaner.

Every drawer in the kitchen and bathroom should have a drawer organizer. This will not keep them neat but it will help you find the small items that are tossed in.

Behind the bathroom door, closet door and the shower door, hang an over the top hook rack. The one in the shower will be great for towels that need to dry. One can be used for bathrobes and pajamas.

It has been a long time since there has been something invented that actually helps find additional space in the garage.But someone finally did. Check out the overhead storage rack! This rack actually mounts to the ceiling of the garage and gives you tons of adjustable storage room.
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