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Tiling questions

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We just removed the tile from our bathroom. It looks like there was (2) layers of backerboard. My question is that there are some screws that I couldn't get out. So, they are sticking up 1/8" from the backerboad. Is it OK to leave them and if so would hurt the tile as in cracking them over time. Or would it better to try and cut them add one by the ones I cut?
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Not an expert but I would cut them flush to the floor. I assume you removed the top layer to get rid of the thinset residue and plan to add a new layer?

The floor needs to be as flat as possible before tiling.
If your new thinset is thicker than 1/8" (after pressing down the tile, not before), then it won't do any harm. Ideally you want all that gone. All screws have slots at the top, sometimes you just have to scrape out the thinset to get to it. Often they are square drive screws. You could go at them one at a time, or you could take a heavy hammer and try to just pound them sideways and snap the tops off.
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Yea, I'd get rid of them. With vise grips, you may be able to pound them down, or cut flush. You may or may not want two layers of backerboard.
If you don’t kneel on them and hurt your knee (don’t ask how I know), they will catch on your trowel and might hold a tile up. If all else fails, grind them down.
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