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Tiling over the outdoor kitchen countertop

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Hi & thanks for looking at my post.

I am in the process of deciding on how to tile my countertop of the outdoor kitchen/bbq. Over the period of time, the thing slowly grew into a 17' X 9' monster :eek:
At the bottom of the "cabinet" i have a 6" wide footrest that will be receiving a quartzite trim on top of it. Trying to figure out how to "tile" the apron of the countertop. I've been recommended a Schluter Systems as a trim piece around the top edge of the countertop, but...
Looks like even if I use the Schluter, although it's gona cost me an arm and possibly a leg considering my 17' length just on one side of the bbq, I will still need to add tile pieces under the trim to finish it off. Since I will be using quartzite stone (~1/2") on my footrest of the bbq, I would like to "tie it in" together with my countertop.
My questions; - Is it feasible/doable to incorporate the quartzite pieces, like whatever I have as leftovers from my footrest into the apron? My apron is most likely will be built from a 2x4 (maybe two of them) flatside under my counter with cement board pieces on the faceside and the bottomside of it. If I extend the bottomside piece of the cement board past the front of the 2x4 enough to accommodate for the thickness of the quartzite. Am I giving enough of the support to the quartzite? Can I use modified thinset to permanently "glue" the quartzite pieces to both the apron and the footrest of the bbq?

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Two questions:

1. Where do you live?
2. Is Quartzite suitable for outdoor use?
Okay good deal!
1. San Diego - CA
No freeze/thaw issues.
2. Quartzite is suitable for the outdoor use - at least i've been told that it is.
I would think that would be okay also in that are.

I'm not sure what you mean by "apron" but yes you can do what you suggest as far as I can see. I would however use a high powered thinset mortar because of the outdoor use and the temperature swings even tho they aren't drastic.

I'm not sure what Schluter product you are considering, that may change the type of thinset required. I don't see where Schluter products are really that costly when you consider what they do and some of the pitfalls of the alternatives.:)
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