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Tiling an Uneven Kitchen Floor

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I hope someone can help me. We have a cement kitchen floor. I would like to tile but the floor is uneven . Waves and a difference in height from 1-2 cm. I was thinking of putting a plywood or particle wood base over the cement and then tiling on top of that. Better yet this building is all cement, It is in Romania, so I don't have to tell you about poor workmanship of the building. No I am not Romanian. I am Canadian and is my wife's home. I have live in Switzerland but are Renovating her apartment there. I have tiled before but not under these type of circumstances. Any help is appreciated

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what you want is a floor leveler cement. You mix it up in a 5 gal pail and pour it out on the floor. It's very thin and seeks it's own level. It dries in about four hours. Here is a link to what I'm talking about.
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