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tiles selection for coffee shop

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I am trying to select tiles for floor in coffee shop.
Cannot get any useful info about standards :confused1: types. etc

How to determine if it should be commercial brand?
does PEI III and ADA complaint will be enough?

Help please!
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Main concern for you is strength--slip resistance and clean ability---

Look for a porcelain tile---with a washable glaze that will not be slippery when wet---

Also seriously consider using epoxy grout so the grout is easy to keep clean---that may be a requirement by your local health department.
I totally agree with Mike and any good tile store should be able to point you in the right direction, not a big box store.
Look for glazed porcelain tiles. They are hard and non-absorbent. I would consider at least a PEI class 4 for a coffee shop.

Class 0 - No Foot Traffic: Wall tile only and should not be used on floors.

Class 1 - Very light traffic: Very low foot traffic, bare or stocking feet only. (Master bath, spa bathroom).

Class 2 - Light Traffic: Slipper or soft-soled shoes. Second level main bathroom areas, bedrooms.

Class 3 - Light to Moderate Traffic: Any residential area with the possible exception of some entries and kitchens if extremely heavy or abrasive traffic is anticipated.

Class 4 - Moderate to Heavy Traffic: High foot traffic, areas where abrasive or outside dirt could be tracked. Residential entry, kitchen, balcony, and counter top.

Class 5 - Heavy Traffic: Ceramic tile suggested for residential, commercial and institutional floor subjected to heavy traffic.
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more info

The issue I have that 50% of the floor was already covered with tile about 400 sqf, I have to add 350 sqf of black + white "chess board" tiles.
the size of the current tile is 8x8 and looks like was installed long time ago with grout gap 1/4" or more:eek:

I want to add tiles on top of old vinyl tiles as they are were difficult to remove.

Searching for tiles locally in Cleveland , OH now

need more advises, please
I could be wrong but if I remember correctly (probably not) the old 8x8 vinyl tiles were asbestos so you are correct to just go over them and not remove them. I don't believe you can get an 8x8 ceramic tile and if the others are quite old they wouldn't come close to matching. But again I might be wrong. Some one will be along to let us know.
FOUND ONLY THIS ONE close to my location


I have found only this one available close to my place.

it will be VERY low traffic as no customers will be inside the place and only 2 employees.
If you have asbestos tiles, you'll want to encapsulate them. Don't remove them, don't drill through them.
Doing I used to live in ygst. so I'm pretty sure there are places around clev. this is not really a specialty item . Maybe broaden your search some will help.
From the description and price of that 8x8 tile I highly recommend you keep looking. That appears to be regular ceramic, probably made from brown or reddish bisque, not very durable.

Although you say there is very little traffic, I will bet those few employees are standing and pivoting on a few small areas which may be worse than large commercial areas.

Installing ceramic over VTC is not a good idea, but can be done if all the tiles a stuck for good. Problem is it's very unlikely all the tiles are well bonded. Especially check around the perimeter.

Old vinyl composition and vinyl asbestos tiles never came 8x8". The real old ones were 9x9, (including asphalt tiles), most were 12x12".

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I'm used to encountering 9x9 asbestos tiles. Where I work was built starting in the 1940s. If you figure everything was painted with lead and coated with asbestos, you're probably right.
found tiles Glazed ceramic on spec list mentioned for light commercial floor.
vinyl tiles I have are 12x12 only ceramic 8x8.
I will post photos later as now I have another issue to decide about how to make a transition from old to new area as I have mentioned the grout gap in the old install is VERY wide even may be 1/2" :eek:

Thanks everybody for help!
Here the current condition, looking for an advise how to make a transition from old to new tiles. I do not like that wide grout gap!! what to do 1/8" not more.


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