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tiles over tiles

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can i tile a floor over tiles and what should i use
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What kind of tiles? Ceramic over ceramic? Vinyl over vinyl? Ceramic over vinyl? Vinyl over ceramic?

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Ceramic tile can be installed over the top of existing ceramic--IF-the original tile is sound and properly installed. (some times it's not--cracks,loose grout--all indicate failure)

The old tiles need to be cleaned of all dirt,oils and wax--roughed up a bit if shiny--a grinder with 60 grit sand paper is handy.

Use a two part thinset --powder and liquid latex--Kerabond and Keralastic by Mapei is a good example of a two part thinset.----Mike---

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Carefully think through how adding to the height of the floor will affect things. If you have an exterior door that swings in over the tile, how will you deal with the threshold? Even interior doors may need to be cut down.
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