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Tileboard/Panel Board

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Hello everyone! My name is Jeff and I have been updating our bathroom this year. I am a brand new DIYer and have literally had no experience with any of this kind of stuff until now. Side note, being a home owner sucks ; )

So far I have removed the old floor and tile, sanded the walls, patched the cement board around the shower/tub, updated the electrical, patched the sub floor, replaced the underlayment, put up a tub surround, and replaced the toilet.

The next adventure is to put up tileboard/panels board to give the walls a new look.

I purchased 6 of these, but in 8'x4':

My plan is to cut them to what I need, paint them, and then put them up with adhesive.

I have a couple of questions though.

When I put the tileboard up, I know you are supposed to leave a 1/8" gap between panels. But do you need to a leave the same gap between the ceilng and the panel and the floor and the panel?

Also, for the gap between the panels, they have these plastic strips you can get for them and corners. Should i use them or should i use caulk for the gaps? Or is there something else entirely i should use?

I'd also like to paint whatever i fill the gaps with to match the walls so it looks nicer, if possible. Again, not sure if that can be done or should be done.

Any help would be much appreciated....thanks!
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The walls of the bathroom are still up. I didn't tear down the existing cement board and greenboard/drywall that is there. But after removing the tiles from the walls, the walls are pretty messed up and I don't have the money to hire someone to fix nor the expertise to try and fix the walls so that I can just paint them. So i bought the tileboard stuff to put over it which it says to use adhesive to install.
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