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tile to carpet transition

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did a tile job in the entry way - cut back carpet and pad but can't get the carpet to stay in place even with tack strips

needing an idea for a transition piece that won't trip us when walking - also to keep the carpet down - and reinforce the tile edge

i searched the forum but couldn't find a solid thread about this

any suggestions?


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Trac-metal with rubber insert.
what is trac-metal - where is it sold?
google is not too helpful
It has pins in the carpet side to hold the carpet and a rubber insert to cover the edge. You can buy them at any carpet store or big box.
does this product have a name?
I have searched the box shops online - i don't find a rubber transition
don't really want to run around town asking for a product i don't really know what it looks like - or what it's really called
pretty new at doing any flooring job - tile looks ok but i think this is the last of the diy flooring
Various names for what your after, but Rusty's bang on! We call it "pinned bar and 'E' cap" because the bar has pins on it and the cap looks like a rounded 'E'.

The pinned bar has two features you need, the first is that it has a "track" or "channel" into which you'll insert the 'E'Cap (you'll need to hammer the cap into the track with a rubber mallet) and pins on the bar to hold the carpet. But you may also need "extender" to accommodate the tile height. This looks identical to the "track/channel" part of the pinned bar and is inserted into the track to make it "taller" you then insert the 'E' cap into it.

Hope that helps!
tile to carpet

You can install a metal edge reducer moulding over top of the tile-carpet. Another option is to put track and cap. It is a vinyl moulding that locks into a track. Usually you put track down prior to installing carpet, you need to cut back carpet and install track and lock vinyl cap moulding in track.
There is also a wood moulding reducer, but it is thicker and will stick up somewhat....good luck.
Uh, Russman, if you read the above posts, what you mention has already been covered.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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