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tile shower walk thru

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We have had our tub changed to a tile shower, I have a question....our contractor put the tile on the walk thru with a lip on each side so it has a hang over on each side instead of squareing it up. Is this right, it seems it should be square?
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It took me several days, but I think I figured it out.

I think the OP is asking if the wall tile should end even with the shower pan or extend on the wall past it.

It should extend past the shower, that way if water should splash out past the door or curtain it will hit the protected tile, not vulnerable drywall.

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I think they mean they have a shower curb that is tiled and the tiles on the top of the curb overhang the sides a little. A picture would really help. If this is the case then the contractor has done it a way I have never seen and would look funny and would not be fun if you scraped your foot on this tile getting into the shower.
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