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tile shower qs

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I just poured my pan above the liner and I'm not happy with it. It Looks like in the center. I want to go over it with a skim coat. What would be best to use?

Also I have backerboard up. Do I need to do anything else before tiling. We were going to mud the corners and paint it all with redguard but I read that would trap moisture between. The 6mil visqueen and redguard
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Hi Jimmy,

If you poured the mud base you made it way too thin. Hopefully you placed the mud. Did you also put a pre-slope of mud under the membrane? I don't understand what is wrong that you think you need to skim with something. If it's just a bit, you can use thinset, but no more than 1/8" buildup at a time.

Is the backer spaced up from the membrane so it doesn't wick old shower water that gets thru the floor and on the membrane? No need to apply anything over the thinset/taped seams. It wouldn't hurt if you did cuz you're not applying to the entire wall. Would have been better if you had omitted the visqueen and applied the membrane on the surface.

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