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Tile over tile

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I have an existing ceramic floor that was cemented down and refuses to come up with out destroying the concrete sub floor. Can I glue ceramic tile right over the old tile with out and kind of prep? If I do have to prep what should I do.
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We tiled over linoleum and didn't have any problems.
I have spoken with some experience tile installers on this subject,
and what they have said is if the orignal tile is down, and has no cracks, or defects, and the customer absolutely wants to change the color of tile for example, they will tile right over the existing tile.
If there are issues with cracks through the tiles, or in the grout, they will
refuse to do this, they would require to remove the old tiles, stiffen up the subfloor, and install new tile. So, I have no experience with this at all.. but I have herd that it is commonly done, with good results.
Thanks for the advice. I just said heck with it and put it down last night and today it seems pretty firm.
Should be fine if there where no cracks!
Good luck with this project.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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