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Tile over stucco in shower area

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About 5 years ago, we came up with the idea of using stucco for the walls, bath, and shower area of our bathroom. Although we like the look, it is impossible to keep clean, so we're going to tile over the shower area.

The wet areas consist of the following: Membrane, cement board, wire mesh, scratch coat, top coat with waterproof additive, waterproof sealer (Aquron SPT 1200 - which has worked quite well). There are no right angles - all corners are rounded, so we were going to look into round mosaic tiles, which seem to work well on curves.

Aside from giving the shower area a really thorough cleaning and flattening out any high bumps in the stucco, any reasons why this shouldn't work? Advice on a good thinset to use? I worked on the stucco with an experienced mason. While he had never done a stucco bathroom before, I'm at least confident the stucco was put on properly. Thanks.
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