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Alright: I'm getting all kinds of answers and don't know who/what to believe at this point.

I'm installing 6"x36" plank flooring in my basement. It's a below-grade basement, and the floor is all one pour: without any stress joints etc.

The slab has sat for 15 years, is flat, and only has a few hairline cracks (I'm guessing from drying). A block down the road a new development is being built, and last year they were blasting ledge, and I don't see any more cracks.

I've consulted various people, and the results are all over the place: some say they wouldn't install tile without an uncoupling membrane: others say a modified thin set direct to the concrete is the way to go, if I caulk around the edges (vs grout).

I need some input here. Save a grand by not using a membrane (my tile is cheap anyways....) or suck it up and pay the extra?
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