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Tile on Front Porch

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Is it OK to tile a front porch? I'm closing on my first house & I noticed that it had some sort of tile ripped off the front porch for whatever reason. I asked the builder to re-tile the front porch & just wanted to make sure that it was ok to do that.
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If the conditions are right and the work is done correctly, yes fine.

Go ahead? Go ahead with what? Using which type of tile, thinset etc. Is the slab slopped? Any cracks or expansion joints? Does it get direct sun? You going to use a membrane or go right over the slab? Do you want to re-do it again in a few years? :whistling2:

What's the front porch made out of? My brother has a wood porch with 2 1/4" T&G doug fir wood. No good for tile.
Front porch is concrete with no cracks. It's about 8'x4' or so.
Here is a couple of pics of the floor. I wanted to pick the color & style of the tile but the builder forgot & went ahead with his own choice. What do you guys think?

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I like the color. How will the tile be when wet?
It should pretty good. It's not slick at all.
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